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How to Play ePingu

New Game ButtonTap New Game button to start your mission.
Save little shocked penguins from the heat of the beach.
Penguin WalkingEach time you Tap a penguin you teleport it back home. Tap faster to get more points.
Time CounterTime you have is limited so hurry up and tap as fast as you can to save more penguins.
Charge BarThe teleport has a limited charge. When its icon starts blinking you need to Tap it to Recharge.
Pause ButtonAny time during a game you can hit Pause button. This shows game menu and also current time and battery status. Hit Resume to continue playing.
Upload High ScoresWhen time runs up the screen dims and you are shown your Score, a number of saved penguins and your accuracy. Type your name and tap OK to save your results. Tap "Upload" to get to High Scores Online.

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