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Safari 4 Final Menu

Sorry, but some options are not available anymore. They were specific to Safari 4 beta.

The following options fell victims of Safari 4 Final:

  • No Tabs on Top
  • No Safari 3 Toolbar with Progress
  • Can't disable Google Suggestions or Address Suggestions
  • Can't disable Top Sites
  • No more interesting tweaks using Terminal

R.I.P. We'll miss you, dear options.

That's all we've got for now:

This menu is only available for Mac OS X. Download.

Tweaks descriptions

  • Reopen Last Window - in case youve closed it by accident
  • Show Plugins - show a list of installed plugins
  • Transparent Window - make window background transparent. This is only noticable for pages with no background set (like on this error page)
  • JavaScript Can't Open Windows - JavaScript can open new windows instead of tabs if you wish. Useful for some sites with special popups.
  • Unsubmitted Text Confirmation - Safari asks you if you wish to close a page this unsubmitted text

Installing the Tweaks Menu

Go to your Applications folder, Control-click (or right-click) Safari app and click "Show package content". Go to "Contents/Resources" folder. Copy "MainMenu.nib" folder from this archive to the Resources folder. This will modify Safari menu to show new options pictured above. Start Safari. Voila! You should see new"Safari > Tweaks" menu now. Note: the whole Safari menu will be in English!

Have Fun!

To uninstall delete "MainMenu.nib" folder from Safari's "Resources" folder.

Got questions? Contact me.

Updated: June 9, 2009 (Update for Safari 4 Final)



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